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Month: November 2013

Updated packages for Slackware 14.1


With the release of Slackware 14.1, I found out that some of my previous packages no longer worked properly on Slackware 14.1. So, I recompiled some of these packages on a freshly installed Slack 14.1 system, to make sure they are working properly.
These packages are thus intended for Slackware 14.1 x64 only.

The recompiled packages are :


Enjoy 😉

Server upgrade

I managed to get my greedy hands on more powerfull computing gear, providing the means to upgrade this webserver. After nearly 4 years, the old hardware was still fine, but with the newer parts in place, the machine performs even better, and is somewhat more future proof.


Part Old server New server
CPU Intel Core2 Duo E6320 Intel Core2 Duo E7500
CPU speed 1.86 Ghz 2.93 Ghz
Memory 2.0 GB DDR2 4.0 GB DDR2
Chipset Intel DQ965 Intel Q45

In order to prevent a possible disk crash, the old 250 GB harddisk (already 4 years old) was cloned to a new one. The old disk was still OK, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.